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Public hospital market

The new system of hospital financing on the basis of fixed charges per case SwissDRG and the new hospital planning will profoundly change Swiss public health.


The reforms that have been initiated will become a reality for hospitals before the end of autumn 2011. In the future, the refinancing of investments in progress and the amortisation of investments already made will have to be done pro rata via each treatment. For public hospitals, therefore, the pressure of profitability with regard to the financing of investments will increase sharply.


The hospitals affected currently lack know-how and resources in the area of financing investments, because until now the latter were guaranteed by the State, and in general an equity financing deriving from the actual services provided by the hospital will be very difficult for the hospitals.


This changing landscape is a favourable one for Medtech Capital to propose financing solutions to the public hospitals which are adapted to their new requirements in the areas of both medical technologies and information technologies.




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